In essence, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), otherwise known as electronic countermeasures (ECM) involves using specialised equipment to detect, deactivate, locate or interfere with covert listening, video-recording and tracking devices (bugs). As such, technical surveillance countermeasures are, more often than not, employed when either a business or a person feels as though their privacy or the wellbeing of their best-kept secrets is in jeopardy.

Technical surveillance countermeasures, therefore, embodies a wide range of expertise as there are numerous approaches that those hoping to eavesdrop can take in hiding their equipment.

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In most cases where a professional bug sweep is required, the reasons usually fall to industrial or corporate espionage – where a business fears that certain aspects of their development may be stolen and used by another – or eavesdropping, where a person believes their personal space to have been infiltrated for the benefit of another.

By extension, industrial espionage can amount to any number of outcomes including, but not limited to: product tampering, misappropriation, theft or the wrongful transfer of proprietary economic information for the purpose of financial gain, blackmail, competitive or military advantage. The effects of industrial and corporate espionage in Australia are incredibly difficult to determine as most commercial entities are reluctant to publish details of any related incidents, but in contrast, the US estimates that more than $1.7 billion a year is stolen through loss of confidential information, leaked manufacturing processes and product specifications.

“Eavesdropping” generally refers to both “planting bugs” and “wiretapping.” The latter is most commonly the interception of communications over a wire without the consent of those involved and usually requires physical access to the communications circuitry. “Bugging,” on the other hand, involves intercepting communications without direct access to or penetration of a wire – instead employing specialised equipment such as hidden microphones, video cameras and tracking devices to record information from about a person or businesses without their consent.

Depending on the type of bugs being used, the resulting information can be very reliable indeed, although other methods can often lead to data being compromised or otherwise corrupted – but in any case, there are both cheap and expensive tools available on the market that can help anyone from professional corporate spies to bored housewives to get their hands on dependable bugs.

An 100,000 listening devices are imported into Australia from China alone, every year – yet where they go, or how they are used is a question that rests with many bigger corporations and high net-worth individuals.

Through TSCM’s approach to technical and electronic countermeasure sweeps, our team provides clients with comprehensive debugging services and reporting; ensuring accurate and timely physical searches, signal and radiated frequency scans, phone checks and wire tracing, amongst a number of other approaches that ultimately lead to a successful bug sweep.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is one of very few companies in Australia to offer such an immense frequency-scanner range, along with the expensive experience and expertise our team continues to build upon and demonstrate with every case.

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