Here you’ll find some of our frequently asked questions and additional information if you fear you may already have been bugged.

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Contacting TSCM Australia
There is little point in arranging a bug sweep if the people or company monitoring you are aware that you may know about their presence. As such, we advise that you connect with us when you have access to a public internet connection such as Subway Wifi or the like – or if you wish to call us, you do so using a payphone located away from the immediate area.

How would I know if I’ve been bugged?
Below we have listed a few indicators that may be relevant to your particular situation, but please bear in mind that these items are not conclusive and only present evidence to suggest that you or your organization may have been bugged:

  • You notice that unknown vehicles are regularly frequenting areas near or in your premises.
  • You recently suffered a break-in where nothing of great importance was stolen.
  • You notice that the wall plates for your light switches and electrical appliances have been tampered with.
  • You see that white powder and other debris from the overhead ceiling tiles is visible on desks, tables and floors.
  • You notice damage to wallpaper, tiles, ceilings, light fixtures or other office equipment that cannot otherwise be explained.
  • Gifts or other miscellaneous items have appeared in your workspace for no particular reason.
  • You notice that any televisions, radios and/or screens are displaying some kind of interference which they have not done before.
  • Suddenly, third parties have become aware of information that you have never publicly shared.
  • You see that your competition has produced something using concepts and innovations discussed only by you and your team.
  • You hear white noise from telephones and baby monitors that are not in use.
  • You hear high-pitched sounds when you hold the landline to your ear.

What should I do if I think I’m bugged?
If, for whatever reason, you believe that you are being monitored by another party, it is imperative that you take action as quickly as possible to; minimise any potential damage to your organization and the chances of an information leak and; as to ensure that you are giving yourself ample time to employ a bug sweep before it’s too late. Furthermore, we advise the following:

  • Immediately, yet calmly, cease all sensitive communication and leave the area.
  • Do not attempt to locate or tamper with the devices if you find them – this may alert those monitoring you, leading to them making alternative plans to continue their surveillance.
  • Do not openly discuss your suspicions with anyone, whether they are associated with the business or your home life.
  • Do not use your mobile phone or landline within the compromised area. Instead, call TSCM Australia on 1300 665 375  from a payphone or other clean phone away from the immediate area.

Why choose TSCM Australia
Away from the equipment, expertise and experiences behind the team at TSCM Australia, it’s important to note the alternative: there are many organisations in Australia that offer “Professional Bug Sweeping” and technical surveillance countermeasures, yet there are only a select few that actually have the tools necessary to deliver the services they promise – TSCM Australia is one of them.

Many will have access to second-grade, cheap, inferior or ineffective equipment sourced from the likes of Ebay, Gumtree and high-street “spy” stores, but these tools will not allow them to perform any professional sweeps as they simply don’t have the technological capabilities to do so.

If in doubt, we simply suggest that when making contact with your potential TSCM provider, you ask them some of the following questions:

  • In what format do they provide their reports?
  • Where they received their training, and what was covered?
  • Do they use a Non-Linear Junction Detector and if so, which one.
  • Which frequencies can they monitor? Ask for exact numbers.
  • Can they identify hidden transmitting frequencies and within which ranges?
  • Which communication systems can they analyse? VoiP? Mobile phones? Landlines?
  • How do they go about scanning for “inactive” devices?
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