A division of Pacific Security Technology, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Australia was set up to provide Australian businesses, government organisations and individuals across the country with some of the finest, most accurate and dependable bug sweeping, TSCM and electronic countermeasure services available.

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, TSCM Australia provides technical surveillance countermeasure and electronic countermeasure solutions to individuals, companies and government bodies across the whole of Australia. If you need a quote for an upcoming bug sweep, please get in touch with us today by clicking here.

The company has already invested in excess of $250,000 into state-of-the-art scanning equipment and training, thereby affording us and our technical experts the means to scan, analyse, detail, de-activate and remove an incredibly diverse selection of covert listening and video recording devices. Whether those devices operate over Bluetooth, GSM, 3G, 4G, Wifi or a range of radiated frequencies, TSCM Australia is one of very few companies in the country to be able to provide such a wide scope of bug sweeping and counter espionage solutions.

With a combined experience spanning more than 40 years across Australia’s private investigations, personal and home securities and counter espionage industries behind us, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Australia has proven, time and time again, that our attention to detail, in-depth process knowledge and capacity to deliver on essential assurances, has meant TSCM Australia continues to lead the way for Australian residents, business owners and government bodies alike.

Thank you for visiting Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Australia – we hope you find the information here to your liking and, should you have any questions about the services on offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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