High Net-Worth Individuals

Professional Bug Sweeping Services for High Net-worth Individuals

High net-worth and VIP clients will usually be sought after to a much greater extent than most businesses and the average Joe. With that, your private lives are under a bigger threat of invasion too – whether it’s because that new glossy mag wants a photo of what you’re eating for dinner, or someone more malicious has plans for your sensitive information.

Either way, it is becoming more and more common to have individuals employing the help of professional bug sweepers as the risks to their safety and privacy increase.

If you are concerned that your private conversations, home life or business dealings are being compromised then get in touch with TSCM Australia. We will systematically and analytically ensure that your private spaces are well and truly private through scanning, jamming and/or deactivating all known covert GPS, audio and video recorders, transmitters and associated devices.


Why TSCM Australia?
TSCM Australia prides itself on discretion and getting results. This allows our clients to sit back and relax, knowing full-well that there’s a team of experienced professionals working behind the scenes to ensure their full privacy is observed at all times. We will always work to be in and out as quickly as possible, keeping a constant vigil of who comes and who goes from the location, and applying our skillsets in the most effective way possible.

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