TSCM Australia offers a wide range of technical surveillance and electronic countermeasure solutions to individuals, corporations, government bodies and high net-worth individuals.

Whether you think your spouse may have tracked your car, your employees to be selling secrets or your house to have been bugged, TSCM Australia is sure to have the expertise and experience you need to overcome those issues, and many more.

There is quite literally an endless list of reasons as to why you, your family or your business might have been bugged. You, more than anyone, will have the best idea of why that might be the case, but in some instances you will never even have thought that something you were saying could be of any value to someone.


TSCM Domestic Services

TSCM Australia’s domestic services are aimed at helping those who live and work from home, or those who tend to move around often. That is to say that TSCM Australia takes a personal approach to your situation and, in working with the very best in equipment, we ensure that your home, vehicles and frequented locations are cleared of any unwanted tracking, listening or video-recording devices.
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TSCM Commercial Services

TSCM Australia has worked with a multitude of businesses across multiple market sectors and, in each instance, we’ve integrated specific skillsets and some of Australia’s most advanced scanning, jamming and bug removal equipment. Our goal is to ensure that your working environment continues to function at its peak without the fear of leaked secrets taking its toll on communication and staff motivation.
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TSCM Government Services

While it may be true that your government organization already has large-scale technical surveillance and electronic countermeasures in place, or at least the procedures to address the potential for espionage, it is likely that those resources are not available to each department, nor would they be available at short notice. TSCM aims to provide government bodies with fast and cost-effective TSCM solutions that can fill the gap.
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TSCM Services for High Net-Worth Individuals

Whether you’ve made your money through a long and industrious career at the top of your field, you came up with a million-dollar idea or you’re a particularly good gambler; however you got to where you are, it is without doubt that there are people who would benefit from knowing what you do. It’s with that in mind that we strive to provide our clients with a full suite of TSCM and ECM solutions that we can apply to a wide range of environments and social circumstances that will ultimately protect you and your ideas from prying eyes.
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Mobile Phone Forensics and Data Recovery Services

Have access to a mobile phone, tablet or other portable device, but not the information inside it? TSCM has the equipment and skillsets to help you gain access to lost, deleted and even corrupted information on a wide range of mobile devices, from iPhones and iPads through to Samsung tablets and HP handsets. See below for more information.
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Technical Surveillance and Electronic Countermeasure Solutions

If you’d like to know more about how we go about applying a wide range of TSCM and ECM solutions, or you’d like to learn more about the equipment we use during our operations, please click below. If you have any questions, don’t forget to view our FAQs or simply give us a call – we’ll be happy to help.
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