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The Best Equipment to Provide the Most Accurate Results

TSCM Australia is proud to own and regularly use some of Australia’s most advanced TSCM and ECM equipment. While we would prefer not to share the specifications of our equipment too freely (as this is also then visible to those who manufacture and distribute the bugs in the first place), we have provided a summary of what we have available, and the frequencies that we can detect.

Please also bear in mind that the technicians at TSCM Australia have received training in America from the very companies that produce the equipment we use in the field. Our team takes a systematic approach to each bug sweep, covering; an RF spectrum of 8KHz -16GHz; non-linear junction detection; thermal imaging analysis; intrinsic telephone, internet, Ethernet and mains line analysis; detecting both active and inactive devices and rounding off with a thorough physical inspection.

TSCM Australia has already invested over $100,000 in our equipment and training and we will continue to build on our inventory and the skillsets behind it.

Please see below – due to competitor analysis, we cannot share the exact make and model of the equipment we use:

  • We employ CAYMAN Detectors to cover frequencies between 2-3 GHz
  • Our non linear junction detector is also a CAYMAN, which has proved time and time again to be one of our most dependable tools as it allows us to locate both active and inactive devices.
  • We use PIRANHA Detectors with an optional HF antenna to cover frequencies between 30MHz and 18 GHz
  • We choose to use an additional PIRANHA Multifunctional Detector as an all-round tool, useful for detecting a wide range of radio transmitters and even analyzing 220 V mains lines.
  • We employ KESTREL Detectors to cover frequencies from 8 KHz to 6 GHz
  • We also use a KESTREL Dedicated Professional Spectrum Analyzer, which can detect up to 99.9% of all transmitters.
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