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Today it is easier than ever to record someone without their knowledge and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – now, with more and more apps being released that people can install on their, their families’ and their associates’ phones and tablets, that problem is only getting bigger.

On both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, it is now possible to download a number of GPS tracking, audio monitoring and video recording applications – some for free, and others so sophisticated that they can control aspects of your phone from remote locations.


With that being said and if you feel that your privacy has been invaded through or because of your mobile devices, it is also relatively easy to remove those malicious applications and/or interrupt the connection between yours and any unknown third parties’. Furthermore, should you fear for the important information and media on your devices being lost, then don’t worry because our phone data recovery services are in place to help you not only back-up everything on your phone and tablet, but also to delve in deeper to things that you may accidentally have deleted or overwritten.

Nothing from a phone or mobile device is ever well and truly “deleted” although the longer the device is used, the harder it becomes to backtrack through the “activity” to locate the information that may have been temporarily binned. Additionally, some devices may have malware or other software installed to make data recovery impossible, or at least much more difficult – but, should you find that to be the case with your technology, then we highly recommend that you cease using it immediately and replace it with an entirely different one.

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