Maintain Privacy: Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

Maintain Privacy: Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

Security has become a crucial element of modern life. Hence, people and companies are investing huge chunks of their money just for the sake of security and privacy. It’s not just big companies and individuals who are investing in their security but also people lying in the middle segment of earning are taking security seriously.

The best thing people do to save their privacy is to install security systems and that definitely works. But there are few things one can’t ignore, for instance, you can’t take your security system along with you if you are going out. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of such security.

But there are few considerations you can make to save yourself and your privacy. This article deals with ways you can use to detect hidden cameras and microphones. These techniques come in handy when you know that your privacy is crucial and you are at someplace you don’t know about.

A physical search

This is the best and easiest way to find out if you are being watched or heard. A physical search involves looking for objects of potential threat to your privacy. This type of search can let you know if there is any hidden camera or microphone in around you. There are also ways you can use to make your search more efficient.

Searching at night

This might not sound very convincing but searching at night has Its own advantage such as the noise around you is reduced considerably and you can spot if there is any light that might be coming from the electronic device.

Check your unwanted electronic devices

Check if there is any electronic device present that is not even required. There are chances of being a hidden camera or microphone placed in it. Not just unwanted electronic devices, you should check all electronic devices near you considering you have enough time to do so. Also, look for wries, if you find any suspicious wire or any wire which doesn’t lead you anywhere check it and if not required remove it. 

Notice of there is any interference while you make a call

Many Hidden cameras and microphones might interfere with the signal coming out of your mobile phone and this would lead to interference in the signal. This interference would lead to unwanted glitches in the network while you make a call which makes it easier to spot such hidden devices. But remember, while doing this turn off other electronic devices such as TV and speakers etc.

Use your smartphone camera for infrared light

Hidden cameras or microphones emit infrared light that can be used to detect their presence but these lights aren’t visible to human eyes. Moroever, to detect infrared lights you can simply use your phone’s camera or a digital camera because these cameras are built in a way that they can detect infrared light easily that human eyes can’t. Scan your surroundings to check if there is any hidden camera or microphone there or not.

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