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Providing Australian Residents with Professional Bug Sweeps

Although perhaps not regularly considered, thousands of homes across the country are bugged or wiretapped every year, even though those living inside have no idea. Unfortunately, malicious, jealous and deceitful people can get their hands on “spy” equipment with ease, making it relatively simple to eavesdrop on your conversations or even watch you being intimate; companies with commercial intent may have reason to be listening in or even watching you to uncover private information about your, your home or your family; even private investigators employ a range of bugs to go about their business.


Fast and Efficient Residential Bug Sweeps
Given the ever-increasing availability and popularity of today’s “spy” equipment, with hidden cameras and tiny microphones through to the more technical wire-tapping kits and mobile surveillance tech being available online and even on the high street, it’s no wonder that TSCM Australia is finding more and more bugs every year.

With that, we’ve also seen a huge range of different uses, hiding spots, activation mechanisms, application strategies and transmission tools over the years, so we’ve come to realise very quickly where to look and what equipment to use.

We can help you detect the smallest of hidden cameras, GSM, Bluetooth and Wifi transmitting devices, GPS tracking systems and a diverse range of audio and video transmitters – all using some of the most sensitive and dependable equipment available to Australia.

How we work
Simply give us a call on 1300 665 375  or click here to contact us online – from there we will discuss your exact requirements and work out the most effective way to address your particular concern.

Once the service has been arranged, our team will arrive at a time of your choosing to quickly but systematically approach every area of your home and/or vehicles, depending on your brief, before going on to give you a report as to the outcomes of the operation.

At that point, our clients can continue about their everyday lives as though nothing had ever happened.

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