Corporate Investigation

TSCM Australia is proud to offer businesses across the country a wide range of technical surveillance and electronic countermeasure solutions, developed specifically for covert integration, dependable results and a risk-free work environment.

Get in touch with us today and allow us to help you incorporate some of the country’s most advanced technical surveillance countermeasure equipment, and the expertise behind it, to ensure that your privacy is well and truly safeguarded.

With our head office in Sydney, we mainly service New South Wales as a region, but we do and have previously provided our services further afield, including regular service deliveries in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


Professional, Cost-effective and Dependable Bug Sweeps
Through applying over 30 years’ experience in the field, coupled with technical training by the top North-American counter-espionage institutions, the team at TSCM Australia arrive fully equipped to handle any potential bug, whether we’ve been tasked with jamming, locating, removing or sourcing the devices.

It is our main prerogative to be as efficient as possible in so that our presence in the office environment is minimised; any areas cordoned off become available faster; effects on staff productivity are minimised and; we charge a lower rate as a result of less hours spent. This, however, does not result in compromise – we guarantee only the most accurate, scrutinising and dependable sweeps, leaving no stone unturned.

Integrating Risk Reduction Strategies
Breaches in confidentiality and the associated risks to your business are minimised through the assurance of a truly private working space – the larger the organization, the more space becomes available to compromise.

Those risks are amplified during high-level negotiations; confidential acquisition arrangements; handling tenders; development meetings and; management reforms, amongst a number of other commercial situations. Being prepared to prevent sensitive information from escaping the confines of your office is a long-term solution to effective risk reduction, and it’s an opportunity to benefit from Australia’s premier technical surveillance countermeasures.


We can work with you to create a tailor-made solution to meet your company’s specific requirements, in so far as; we can visit your offices at any time of your choosing and go about the sweeps in different areas of those offices at specified times. You can opt to have us provide you with bug sweeps as a once-off service before that next big meeting, or as a long-standing arrangement, having us sweep your offices multiple times each year – the most suitable option will depend on the industries in which you work and the fragility of the information being handled in your specific situation.

How TSCM Operates
Whether you’re looking to implement one of our many TSCM or ECM solutions to sabotage a known threat or simply to ensure long-term privacy as part of your corporate social responsibility, security procedures or confidentiality agreements, our technicians can help.

Each of our team members is well-versed, trained and highly experienced in all fields of TSCM and will go on to provide your building, office space or facility and vehicles with both a physical inspection and a technical analysis.

If you’d like to know more about how we go about inspecting and analysing your environment, please get in touch with us by calling 1300 665 375  or by clicking here to visit our contact page.

Companies across the country are realising the importance of implementing professional countermeasure solutions with each passing year and TSCM Australia is here to make that transition easier and more effective.

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