A Step-by-step Guide on ‘How to Find Bugs’

A Step-by-step Guide on ‘How to Find Bugs’

Things can turn really creepy in the case if you get to know that you are being observed or that you are under surveillance. This is a serious issue that can affect your private or personal space. Moreover, technological advancements have reached up to the level of doing such things and have become way easier than anyone can expect. But even after all this; there is a ray of hope.

However, sweeping such bugs is not a big task. All you need to follow are a few simple steps and keep a few things in mind and you are done. The best way is to follow a step by step guide for finding a bug:

Things you can do to find Bugs:

The very first thing you should do if you realize that you and your conversations are being monitored is to avoid having sensitive conversations inside the suspected premises as this heightens the risk of exposing sensitive data. Instead of having all these sorts of conversations on the premises you can choose some other place to discuss all this like a public library, a cafe, etc.

The second step that should be taken when you are sure that you are being monitored and you want to get rid of this is to contact technical experts. Various companies provide services of technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), which are people basically trained to deal with this sort of situation.

One more thing is that you should avoid having this discussion of calling the technical experts inside the suspected premises. Instead, you can go to your friend’s place and use his/her devices but the best option still is to go to any public place be it a random cafe or coffee house or a library you don’t often visit.

The factor of security is so crucial that cost should not matter but it’s still a big thing. Apart form that, the cost of sweeping such bugs depends on certain factors like the level of threat you are under in for example there could be simple video surveillance on you or there are also chances that each and every movement of yours is being monitored.

Moreover, after this, the second most crucial thing is the confidentiality level of the profession you are in, other factors are the size of the area, the time you are ready to invest in doing this and the level of networking that is being done to monitor you.

These were some simple steps you should take care of in the case if you want to save from this. If there is any sort of surveillance that is being done in you then these technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) would find that without any problem. But ultimately all this depends upon the way you approach this issue, it would be better if you follow the advice mentioned details. Doing this would make the work easier for both, you and the TSCM team.

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