A Quick Guide to Look out for Hidden Cameras like an Expert

A Quick Guide to Look out for Hidden Cameras like an Expert

Awareness of Hidden cameras that came from hotel rooms or potentially risky places are becoming way more common. No matter, whether you are staying in a hotel or going for a meeting there are chances of you being under surveillance. This is going to be the most thorough guide that will explain to you to detect and find a hidden camera in the place you are staying. We’ll look for small steps that can actually make a considerable impact on your while search for any hidden device.

The techniques we will use in this blog have been used by various government agencies and organizations and these are actually useful. The first question that might come to your mind is what type of devices can be used against me and to your surprise there is a whole bunch of them. But the important fact is that there are specific devices used for specific situations and your search would depend on that. So let’s take a look:

Step 1: Assume that you are already under surveillance

If this is your first time in a new hotel room, assume that you are already being watched, now don’t panic and stay calm. Choose your first few actions considering this in mind. Now keep in mind that the chances of you being watched are not much and this is a proven fact. But still considering the worst you should be ready for everything.

Step 2: Divide your room into four quadrants

Start off your search by splitting your room into quadrants as this will make your search efficient. Once you have identified the quadrants of the room and all the starting points, start your search following the steps given in this guide. Splitting the room into quadrants will make your search easier, systematic and efficient. Go through each quadrant by noticing every minute detail.

Step 3: Make basic observations

No, need to start off your search by throwing things here and there. You should first make a basic inspection of the room and noticing fine details like what’s behind the curtains, any extra light, weird noise or sound and stuff like this. There are chances that you might find any hidden device just by these simple observations.

Step 4: Check what’s plugged into each socket and every given outlet

This is the last and most important step. Check every socket for any unusual wire, as the devices that run on battery can’t be used for the long term as their battery needs to be replaced. But this is not the case with electronic devices as they can be used for an unlimited amount of time and that too for the long term. Also, ensure to pay close attention to anything that seems out of place or unusual.

Also, keep in mind the basic things, for instance, the devices are fitted in a spot so as to get the best shot possible. In the case of your bathroom, the camera might be hidden in the mirror so as to get the best possible picture or video is the one getting dressed.

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